Cleveland Road


Expanding the horizon on master planned communities


precinct development


Newquest owned lots

Cleveland Road is a part of the rezoning of Stage 3 within the Wollongong Region. With a planned rezoning of the area, this opportunity provides Newquest an opportunity to provide a cohesive and well-designed neighbourhood plan for both North and South Cleveland.

The rezoning encompasses a total of 3,000 low and medium residential lots, a proposed school location, proposed Town Centre and playing fields in the surrounding areas. As many continue to shift down south for an idealistic lifestyle, this rezoning will allow for a new community to flourish and grow in one of the up-and-coming areas in New South Wales.

Newquest Property as an entity will own approx. 750 lots. This planning proposal is currently underway with Gateway Determination conditionally approved in January of 2022. The rezoning is expected to be Council approved by the last quarter of 2022.