About Newquest


Create long-lasting residential communities

Newquest aims to provide communities that stand the test of time.


Striving for quality in design and placemaking

Our team critically assesses every development opportunity to ensure we create the best spaces possible.


Understanding the importance of integration in development

Our developments focus on integration with existing and future communities, infrastructure, public and private spaces, heritage, environment, and our indigenous custodians.


Meet The Team

Our team is based around New South Wales and has a focus on delivering residential, townhouse, retail, and urban spaces. The team works together cohesively to ensure all elements of the development process are completed to the highest of standards.


Stewart Nettleton

Stewart Nettleton is a director at Newquest Property with over 25 years of experience in the property industry.

Prior to starting Newquest Property, Stewart worked in many leading development and property management companies in NSW. Most notably, his roles have included NSW State Manager at Stockland, Vice President of Medallist, which is a subsidiary of Macquarie Bank, and Director of Legacy Property. This experience has allowed Newquest Property to flourish in the NSW market.

Stewart has extensive experience in managing highly focused, multidisciplinary teams engaged in delivering quality projects. Stewart has created a company with a strong vision of the future of property in NSW, and endeavours to provide the community with long-lasting developments in retail, masterplan communities, and apartments.


Neil Smith

Neil Smith is a Director of Newquest Property and has over 30 years of experience in both the property and construction industry.

As Manager Director of a civil contracting company, Neil was able to hone his expertise in large-scale developments and civil construction management. This directorship enabled substantial growth in Newquest Properties over the years, as Neil was also involved in several rezonings of landholdings within NSW and Victoria.

Neil is highly experienced in his field of work and has demonstrated through Newquest Property the importance of good relationships that foster quality outcomes for all related parties. Neil strives to implement a practical hands-on approach to all developments that Newquest Property is involved in.

Development Director

Michael Braithwaite

Michael Braithwaite is a Development Director within Newquest Property, with 25 years of experience in the property industry.

Michael has held several senior roles within property development companies such as Stockland. His experience with expansive, large masterplan communities has led to a pipeline of over 1400 new land lots in rural areas. Furthermore, Michael also is a part of the acquisitions team at Newquest property and brings extensive knowledge regarding negotiating superior outcomes for all parties.

Michael has shown a keen passion for planning and delivering projects that are diverse and meet the current market demands. With an aim to create exceptional developments, Michael leads a team at Newquest Property with a focus on long-lasting communities.

Development Director

Tom Goold

Tom Goold is a Development Director at Newquest Property and has over 20 years of experience in the property development industry.

As Development Director, Tom concentrates on providing quality developments in the Newcastle and Hunter region within NSW. His extensive experience comes from working for multi-national developers, investors, and his own property development business. Tom also runs the acquisitions in his region of interest, working to secure opportunities for future developments.

Tom has a key understanding of the management process involved in property development and has a thorough knowledge of the necessary architectural and structural requirements of quality developments. Moreover, Tom enjoys working with the team and understanding all elements of the project including solicitors, agents, authorities, consultants, contractors, and suppliers.

Project Director

Mark Maryska

Mark Maryska is a Project Director at Newquest Property and has over 20 years of experience in the property industry.

Prior to working with Newquest Property, Mark worked with a variety of well-known property groups such as Mulitplex, Laing O’Rourke, Legacy Property, an CityState Property. Within these senior development roles, Mark has overseen the creation of many residential communities and urban-living environments.

Development Manager

Emily Keane

Emily Keane is a Development Manager at Newquest Property and has over 7 years of experience in the property industry.

Emily has a love for residential masterplan communities and medium-density townhouse projects across NSW. Before working at Newquest Property, Emily undertook a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing. This degree has provided a wealth of knowledge regarding financial, property, and consumer information which she brings to all her developments.

With this experience, Emily aims to create quality developments that integrate within the surrounding spaces and existing amenities with a focus on customer-driven results.

Development Manager

Oliver Keane

Oliver Keane is a Development Manager at Newquest Property and has over 7 years of experience in the property industry.

Oliver brings experience from the acquisitions team at Mirvac, where he worked on Development Applications for large-scale projects such as 505 George Street in the Sydney CBD. In addition, Oliver has received a Bachelor of Commerce major in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours). With this experience, Oliver brings both commercial and legal knowledge to Newquest Property.

With a focus on masterplan communities, retail space, and industrial land, Oliver strives for quality outcomes in his role in Newquest Property.

Finance Manager

Michelle Ferns

Michelle Ferns is the Financial Manager at Newquest Property and has over 12 years’ experience in the accounting and finance industry.

After completing her studies in the business, accounting and finance fields, Michelle has gained extensive experience in financial management and reporting. Michelle also excels at budgeting, cash flows, and general accounting matters. In addition, she is an organised and results orientated accountant that has found success in her field.



Newquest Property operates in the residential, retail, and industrial property sectors within rural and urban areas. The projects that have been undertaken by the team aim to bring people together through quality developments.




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